Meitarim is Making News

Early on, Meitarim recognized the need to create its own original Jewish educational material and curricula. All of this material is presently available online, along with free lesson plans and social media tools for Jewish educators.

Meitarim has joined forces with ORT Israel, in creating what will be the most comprehensive Jewish learning and conversation website in the world. 70 Panim, Meitarim’s social media network, connects Jews of every background from around the world. 70 Panim means 70 faces, referring to the 70 faces of the Torah, a concept suggesting a multitude of personalities within Torah learning and throughout the Jewish world.

From the perspective of pluralistic Jewish education, 70 Panim is a lesson-planning goldmine. Teachers share ideas for formal and informal lesson planning related to day-to-day life and its implications from Jewish sources. The website utilizes many multimedia aspects including compatibility with Smart Boards, video, podcasts, images, live streams and chats. Teachers have the opportunity to specify domains for their own classes, to host private forums for class discussions, chats, and multimedia sharing.

70 Panim website

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